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    Subvertising refers to the practice of making spoofs or parodies of corporate and political advertisements. Subvertisements may take the form of a new image or an alteration to an existing image, often in a […]

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    We are the DIY’rs who are working on the skills both new and those being lost arts so that we can free the world from economic and social oppression. We also do allow people who do pirate media and other media, […]

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    A metà tra i consigli di Marge a Lisa (”sei una donna, puoi portare rancore anche per tutta la vita”) e l’hard core.

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    handmade electronic music, radio, interferences, bots, electromagnetic bliss and much more!

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    incontro dei vari modi di praticare l’antirazzismo… quello senza fini di lucro!

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    ecoribellione mobile a propulsione umana, anarcociclismo ed altre adorabili catastrofi

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    Lavori in corso, in lotta contro la cultura patriarcale, contro il razzismo, il fascismo, il sessismo.

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