• ThumbnailToday we visited a crisis respite center. It opend after hurrican Sandy. They have beds for people in mental crises and offer counseling and peer support. It is important to them, that people keep there autonomy, […]

  • On Sunday we moved from Brighton Beach to Queens. On our way from the Subway Station to the appartment of our host we went by a Biergarten with a German flag outside. That was weird. We decided not to eat Schupfnudeln and just go on. We were in a hurry anyway cauz we had the possibility to join a meeting of a support group for queer people to “to discuss and develop skills to manage personal emotional challenges“ at the lesbian, gay, bisexual & transgender community center (https://gaycenter.org), who meet twice a month. It was a really comfortable atmosphere.
    After that we had to hurry to the next place, The Base (http://thebasebk.org), an anarchist space, were the Jane Adams Circle presented their work. They do peer support in triangles of people to help each other getting through emotional crises.
    Today we visited the Third Root collective, a community health center, doing yoga classes, massages, acupuncture and herbal medicine.
    It is a lot about self healing and so after that I decided, I have to do something for myself and so I ate a whole bagle with peanut butter and jelly.
    I was still hungry after that so I had myself vegan macaroni and cheese.
    And as I was still hungry after that, I ate vegan beef jerky.
    That was enough for the next days. I was so full, that I couldn‘t squibble anymore and my humin carried me through Central Park, where we met a squirrel.
    Actually, they are all over New York and not shy at all. On our way back to the subway, we saw one of the thousand doodeling ice cream trucks.
    [video ogv="http://kraxi.noblogs.org/files/2014/09/DSCN3734.ogv"][/video]
    When we came home, we climebed to the roof of the building with our host and her* roomies to watch the sunset. Then the humins cooked, as they have to eat too.

  • ThumbnailMy inner clock is still ticking in Vienna, so I woke up really early, but all my roomies were awake too, so I got up.

    After all the humins had been under the house water fall, we went to the beach to have […]

  • ThumbnailOke, today is the very big day. First my humin and me and a punch of frist got to the airport. There everybody checked in the baggage, after it went through the control of Bundespolizei. I found a companion who […]

  • Omk, I’m so excited! Our big journey starts today!!! We are bagged.  DSCN3666

    The first stage is getting to Berlin with the train.



    I’m so excited about all the rest. Everybody is like “They will ask you a lot of questions” and “You take your encrypted notebook? Have fun!” and stuff like that…. We will see…

  • Thumbnail

    To see, if I can take a long trip in a car, my humin took me to come on a journey. Our first stop was dresden. But I was not allowed to drive, this are our driver and his companion Douggy:


    I was […]

  • For our trip to the USA we need to fill out the ESTA formular.


  • I’m the Kraaxi and I’m about to travel a lil bit. I want to take you with me!