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    for about seven years, i’ve been wearing only black. being part of the metal subculture , my style really went deeply into that :; i have had countless different battle vests / battle jackets – sewing & resewing […]

  • osfyn wrote a new post, open heart, open mind, on the site Osfyn 2 weeks, 6 days ago

    yesterday, i played my ,,concert” at my friend’s vernissage. we created a beautiful half-improvised set based on her stuff, my stuff, and some in-between. :: the great flow of co-creation that carried on through […]

  • so, as some know, i have printed my own zines. my first solo-zine ! more to that at some later point // i’ll upload the pdf soon.
    here i will rather count my experience. a dear friend told me that printshops are […]

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    i played my concert, and i felt quite empty and drained after. but in the end, i was very gratefvl for this experience. because i experienced playing in the cold, with hands going numb and throat closing up. […]

  • osfyn wrote a new post, post-konzert-impression, on the site Osfyn 1 month, 1 week ago

    ***written yesterday night directly after coming home from the fest where i had played my concert***

    i feel gross & disgvsting. & i feel like there is no space for that in this place. in this mess of a world. […]

  • as the night approached, i finally harvested the restless energy i had had all day and messed around on audacity. the resvlt is now up on bandcamp. the audio level, recording level, & playing level (most just […]

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    hello wonderfvl people in this space of the internet ; for my solo-poject, i have two dates (in berlin) to announce:

    23.oktober.2021 16:00 potse+drugstore festival in la casa, hellersdorf :: wurzener straße […]