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    Anarchist communism (also known as anarcho-communism, free communism, libertarian communism, and communist anarchism) is a theory of anarchism which advocates the abolition of the state, capitalism, wages and […]

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    Subvertising refers to the practice of making spoofs or parodies of corporate and political advertisements. Subvertisements may take the form of a new image or an alteration to an existing image, often in a […]

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    Do you hate hierarchical organization of any kind, and you love to make visual art? If so, this is the right group for you! Come share your optical expressions with other comrades!

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    We are the DIY’rs who are working on the skills both new and those being lost arts so that we can free the world from economic and social oppression. We also do allow people who do pirate media and other media, […]

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    This group was made with the aim for a better communication between those interested to participate at the first Tattoo Circus in Romania

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    Group placeholder for the organisation of the collective blog.

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